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Privacy Policy

Luxus Stem Cells LLC (“Luxus Stem Cells”), 1 Collins Ave, Nassau, Bahamas and telephone number +1 (986) 8954353 is responsible for gathering your personal data, for the use given to it and its protection in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Entities and Individuals and its regulations (the “Law”).
Luxus Stem Cells shall obtain and treat your personal data under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility, in accordance with the Law, and shall take all necessary security measures to protect your information.
Your personal information shall be used to render the therapeutic and/or regenerative therapy you have hired, which include but are not limited to hospitalization, performance of medical studies, treatments with stem cells and/or cellular therapy and other health services, to monitor the services provided to you, to create, update and maintain your medical file, to evaluate our performance during the rendering of our services, to inform you about any amendments to our service and corporate policies, to establish security and quality controls, to remind you of the payment of services, and to let you know about Luxus Stem Cells’ new services and products. With the exception of the last two, all the aforementioned purposes are necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of your relationship with Luxus Stem Cells.
In order to suitably render the services hired, fulfill our obligations and reach the aforementioned purposes, we need to obtain the following personal data: Identification and contact data (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.), health data (clinical history, lifestyle, current or past illnesses and medical conditions, surgeries, medicine consumption and health data in general), general characteristics (such as blood type, allergies etc.), and economic data for the collection of the services rendered (your credit card information if applicable); among which the health data, general characteristics and economic data are considered by the Law as sensitive data.
Security of the personal data
Luxus Stem Cells has implemented the necessary administrative, physical and technical security measures to protect your personal data and avoid its damage, alteration and destruction or its unauthorized use, access or treatment.
Only the authorized personnel, who meet and have completed the corresponding confidentiality requirements, shall participate in the treatment of your personal data. It is forbidden to the authorized personnel to allow unauthorized persons to access to your personal data and to use it for any purposes other than those herein contained. The confidentiality obligation of the personnel involved in the treatment of your personal information shall survive their professional/ employment relationship with Luxus Stem Cells.
Communication and Transfer of personal data
With the exceptions foreseen by the Law, Luxus Stem Cells shall only transfer your personal data to its affiliates or associated companies, or to contractors such as laboratories, hospitals, clinics, research centers, insurance companies for the sole purpose of rendering the services hired. Luxus Stem Cells, will ensure through the execution of agreements and/or any other binding documents, that such third parties maintain the necessary administrative, physical and technical security measures to protect your personal data, and that they use them only for the purposes for which they were obtained and in compliance with this Privacy Notice.
Your consent shall be deemed given, unless you express your disagreement with the transfer of your personal data in accordance with the foregoing
“ARCO” rights
It is important for you to know that you are entitled to Access, Correct and Cancel your personal data, to Oppose to its treatment and to Revoke your consent for the purposes for which it was given. In order to know the procedures, requirements and terms for doing so, it is necessary for you to file a request meeting all the requirements set forth by the Law, with the Responsible for the Protection of Personal Data in the domicile or to the telephone number herein contained, or via e-mail to info@LuxusStemCells.com, we hereby request you to confirm the reception of your email by phone.
The aforementioned request shall contain: (i) your name and address or any other way to contact you; (ii) documents proving your identity; and (iii) clear and precise description of the personal data you intent to exercise your rights on. Once the request is filed, in no more than 20 working days, the Responsible for the Protection of Personal Data shall take the necessary measures, notifying you through any of the aforementioned means.
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